Graphical input (Interface)

Use a graphical input to add a graph to your model.

You can use the graph to display whatever variables you want, in a way that may be more explanatory than a list of numbers.

To place a graphical input on the diagram

  1. From the Interface Build toolbar, click on the graphical input tool.
  2. Click the diagram to add the graphical input.
  3. Position the graph, and change its size and shape using the handles or the Style Settings tab of the Properties panel.
  4. In the properties panel, choose the variable you'd like to graph.
  5. If you want to, give your graph a title. You can change the text style in the Style Settings tab, where you can also change the color of the graph's border.
  6. Run the model, and the variable will graph onto your graphical input.

Graphical Input Properties

Variable specifies the variable(s) that will be displayed on the graph.

Title specifies what title will be displayed under the graph.

Using the Graphical Input

Though it has a somewhat different appearance, the graphical input functions the same way that it does for model construction, as described in Graphical Function Tab discussion.

The graphical input will appear as:

Click on it to open the graphical input editor:

You can drag individual points or trace along a line to change the shape of the curve. By clicking on the Table link in the upper right hand corner, you can enter values as x,y pairs:

The Restore button will restore the graphical to its original value (either model defined or imported). Okay will accept your changes, and Cancel will throw them away.