Interface Settings Properties Panel

Use the Interface Settings Properties panel to specify settings and styles for interface pages.

To open the Interface Settings, switch to Edit mode and click on an empty space in the model. (If you've closed the Properties panel, you'll need to double-click, or slide it out with the button appearing at the right of the application.)


All Pages Settings

These settings apply to all pages in the interface.

All Pages Style

Lets you specify the font face, size, color, and decoration that will be used on objects placed on pages. You can override this for any individual object using the styles panel for that object.

Selected Page Settings

These apply only to the page you're currently editing.

Note: The page color is set separately for each page, and will override any page color set in a template.

Note: In stories, the page color only applies if the model view is left transparent.

Note: The page color on a Template Page will not be used in pages the template is used in. It's there only to allow experimentation with different background colors when developing template content.