Pages Styles

Graphs, tables, group inputs, and array inputs all support multiple pages, so that a single location can provide access to a number of different objects.

With the exception of the array input, which generates multiple pages based on the dimensions of the variable being used, pages are added and removed at the top of the property panel for the object you're creating.

If you have multiple entries in an object, then you can navigate between them. For graphs and tables, in the model, this is done using the back and forward buttons in the upper right hand corner of the graph or table.

On the interface, you can choose between three different styles for navigation between pages:


Use the arrows to go to the previous and next page (same as on the model). If you're at the first page, back takes you to the last; if you're on the last page, forward takes you to the first.


Click on a tab to see the content. If you have a small number of pages, this makes it easy to see all of them at a glance, and to go to the desired one with a single click.


Click on a dropdown to see the pages. Once you click on the dropdown, the full list of pages will be visible. This works well when you have a significant number of pages.

Adding and Removing Pages

Adding and removing pages works the same on the model and the interface. When working on the model, the dropdown that lets you select the page navigation style won't be visible. When you have a single page, you'll see:

Use the button to add a new page after the current page, and the button to remove the currently visible page. You can create as many pages you want. As you add or navigate, both the page you're on and the total number of pages will be displayed.

Click on the Pages dropdown () to select between Pages, Tabs, and Dropdown, as described above.

Editing Multiple Pages

Once you add more than one page, you'll also see an icon () to edit multiple pages:

Editing multiple pages will display a subset of the properties for all pages in the container. Any changes you make will be applied to all of the contained graphs, tables, or inputs.