Find window

Use the Find window (often called simply the Find) to find variables in your model. Once you find the variable you're looking for, you can:

To open the Find window, choose Find from the Model menu.

Note: The Find window stays open while you work on the model, unless you close it by clicking in the Find window.

When you first open the Find window, it displays a list of all variables in the model. Use the options in the Find window to narrow down the list to find the variable you're looking for.


Type the first letter (or letters) of the name of the variable you want to find. The Find window updates to display only those variables that match the letters you type.

Search in

You can look for variables by name, or you can look inside of their equations or documentation. Looking in documentation and equations will find anything appearing within. This can be variable names, builtins used, numbers used, and comments (in equations). This search is not case sensitive so that, for example, searching for abb will find both Abbot and DrabButterfly.

Note Search in equations and documentation may be sluggish on very large models.


Select the check boxes for the types of variables you want to include in the search: modules, stocks, flows, converters, or sectors. By default, the Find window looks for all variables.


Determine whether you want to see variables with errors or without.

Limit Results to

This allows you to further restrict results based on whether or not the equations for a variable use any of the random functions. Check the box Random variables Only to apply this restriction.


Select the order in which you want the list of found items to be displayed:

Look in

Select the part of the model in which you want to find variables: Entire Model, Current Module Only, or Current and Contained Modules.