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Purchasing FAQs

How can I purchase a student license on your website?

To view student licenses, you must be signed into a confirmed student account. If you have not been confirmed as a student, you can send confirmation to Once you are confirmed (you will receive an email indicating you’re confirmed), sign into our website and you will find the student licenses in the Store. To confirm your student status, you can either send us a link to the university website that shows you are a student or have your professor email us to confirm you are their student.

How many times can I deactivate my license?

The isee software license manager allows two deactivations within a six-month period.

Do you accept PO’s?

Yes, Purchase Orders and Net 30 terms are accepted from k-12 schools and any domestic order of $2,000 or more.

Are you able to work in other currencies?

No, we are only able to work in U.S. dollars.

How can my university students run Stella on their computers?

We have several student licensing options you can view on our Education webpage.

Do you accept money wires?

Yes, but additional banking fees would apply to the order. Contact to adjust the invoice and forward the bank information needed.

Can other entities (i.e. other people or organizations) purchase the license for me?

Yes, as long as you are eligible for the license quoted, the license can be purchased by a different person/organization.

Do I need a student pack or a lab pack?

Depending on the structure of the university or your class, one option may work better for your students. Lab packs are university-owned student licenses that may only be installed on the university network or university-owned computers. Student packs are university-owned student licenses that the professor can issue to students for a professor-selected length of time. Students access the software through their respective isee accounts and can install it on their personal computers. Once a student license's expiration date has been reached, the professor can reissue that license to a different student.

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