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Basic Modeling

These basic webinars will guide you through basic modeling features within isee software. Learn how to build and publish simple models while becoming familiar with the process, software and tools.

Getting Started with Stella Architect

This tutorial will guide you through our latest modeling and simulation features, and then introduce you to our new interface design and publishing tools. It is designed for people who are relatively new to the field or do not have experience using Stella products.

Getting Started with Stella Professional

This free webinar will introduce you to building system dynamics models using the next generation Stella Professional software. It is designed for people who are relatively new to the field or do not have experience using Stella Professional version 1.0. The webinar will demonstrate how to use Stella Professional to build models using the standard modeling process.

Stella Professional for v10 Users

For users of STELLA/iThink, Stella Professional simultaneously maintains compatibility with the models you’ve been developing over the years and effortlessly brings your modeling to the future.

Getting Started with v10

This webinar will introduce you to building system dynamics models using STELLA or iThink software. It is intended for people who are relatively new to the field or do not have experience using STELLA or iThink Version 10. The webinar will demonstrate how to use STELLA or iThink to build models using the standard modeling process.

Model Mysteries

An Exploration of Vampires, Zombies and Other Fantastic Scenarios to Make the World a Better Place. Just released, this resource is a fun, engaging entry point to modeling. Based on a philosophy that “copying” models is a stepping stone to understanding, each chapter provides a guided path to build and then modify a model, applying one generic structure to a variety of contexts. The webinar will demonstrate how these small models can easily be built using Stella Online, shared with others, and used to foster new insights about how systems work.

Interface Design

Learn how to design engaging interfaces that will captivate audiences. From interactive data visualizations, to dynamic animations, to multiplayer games, create simulations that people will want to run again and again.

Designing Interfaces

Using Stella Architect, learn to build, and then deploy to the web an entire user interface for a preexisting model. Learn how to use interactive elements such as: buttons, annotations, images, graphs, sliders, knobs and stories to reveal and explain the insights generated by your models.

Creating Engaging Content

Learn how to develop engaging interactive data visualizations powered by your models without writing any code. Change color, scale, rotation, opacity and position of objects to create dynamic animations of your data. Quickly and easily visualize arrayed data or simply create movement to bring your simulation to life.

Multiplayer Simulations

Learn how to build from scratch a multiplayer simulation game. We'll use Stella Architect's interface design capability to build a competitive multiplayer game which can be played by 2 or 3 people. Topics covered include templates, simulation events, and publishing.

Deploying Simulations

Learn how to deploy simulations and models to the isee Exchange using authentication and data collection. We'll discuss how to use the isee Exchange to privately host your content, enabling you to share your work with authorized users only. We'll also discuss how to set up data collection, which allows you to track user activity within your published simulations.

Designing Business Simulations

Gain an appreciation for how tools such as STELLA and iThink can be used to quickly build effective simulation games for learning and development. The webinar will start by providing context on the rapidly growing market for business simulation games, game-based learning, gamification, and informal learning. Examples of iThink business simulation games will then be presented. The webinar will conclude by covering the key aspects of STELLA/iThink which must be mastered to build simulation games.

Advanced Modeling

Learn advanced modeling concepts to develop models around complex issues.

Community Model Building

This is a recording of isee systems’ first Community Model Buiding webinar on May 21, 2015. More than 85 people joined together in this pioneering attempt to form an online community and to develop models around complex issues facing humanity. Staff from isee systems facilitated a discussion of drought in California and simultaneously mapped the model that was implied from that discussion. Participants were able provide immediate feedback which then got represented live in the model.

Model Analysis

Learn how to analyze models within Stella software, better understand results and optimize parameters for ideal outcomes. Identify system changes and understand the trade offs between conflicting goals.


Stella models show us how systems behave over time as well as help identify system changes that improve outcomes. Optimization allows us to fine tune those changes by finding the set(s) of parameters that give the best possible results. Stella, beginning with version 1.5, provides the functionality to easily set up and perform optimizations.

Multiobjective Optimization

Many real optimization problems require finding the ideal trade off between conflicting goals. In these cases, single-objective optimization is not sufficient as it gives you exactly one answer. With multiobjective optimization, you can explore the tradeoff curve or surface and decide yourself which is the best solution for your circumstances. Beginning in version 1.5, Stella includes the ability to perform optimizations, including true multiobjective optimization using differential evolution.

Testing and Debugging Models

Successfully developing a model requires you to make sure that it behaves reasonably. What are some simple checks? How do you track down the problem area when it doesn't behave as expected? Join Dr. Karim Chichakly as he walks you through the simple tests to perform in all models, explores the different ways a model can go astray, and shows how to find and fix these problems. Learn how to manually trace a model's behavior and use Causal Lens to make this process easier.

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