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Introducing Stella 2.0

Loops That Matter™ is a new feature in Stella Architect 2.0 that turbocharges your brainstorming by highlighting the most critical sections of your model. No more sifting through numbers to see how the components of your model interact — Loops That Matter lights up the most important feedback loops, giving you a simple visual guide to the forces behind their behavior. Use it to inform your choices as you build your model, test your model against your understanding, or deepen your knowledge of one you’ve already completed.

With Loops That Matter, you don’t need data to understand your model. Just run the software and let Loops That Matter show you the parts that matter!

What's New in Stella 2.0

Loops That Matter™

Immediately visualize how variables affect each other during a simulation and identify important feedback loops.

Automatic Diagram Layout

Create stock and flow diagrams, or fill in missing pieces, for models created in other applications and opened in Stella.

Renovations to the Equation Viewer

The equation viewer includes more detail about your model and can display model information in a table, making it much easier for reading and navigating. It can be saved to a web page or copied to the clipboard for pasting into a spreadsheet.

A New Vensim Translator

Allows you to open your Vensim models in Stella and improve them using Stella's advanced tools for creating professional, interactive interfaces and storytelling. Add discrete objects or run multi-objective optimization on your Vensim models in Stella.

"Stella 2.0 is a game changer...the visualization of the feedback loops and its changing strengths over time is perfect."
    —Rod McDonald

"Loops that Matter is an insight generator."
    —Jim Hines

"Stella 2.0 is fantastic. Loops That Matter works very intuitively. You guys rock!"
    —Egbert Roos

More About Our Products

Take Systems Thinking to the next level using Stella software. Evolve the way you think about problems in your business, community, school, or government agency. From simple to complex, Stella helps you build and simulate models that capture the complexities of feedback and gives you decision support for your prospective policy or process changes through what-if scenarios. Stella allows you to identify and easily share key leverage points with others, resulting in everyone working towards the best outcome. Learn more about our Stella products to see how they can benefit you.

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Work in Stella Presented at the Conference

Modeling Psycho-Social Dynamics Mind Map, by Pascal Gambardella & David Lounsbury, with associated Stella model

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Andries Botha (2nd place)
Paco Araujo

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