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Quick Tips

Simple monthly tips and tricks to make the most of your software

We receive a number of technical questions whose answers we feel would benefit everyone. These tips are derived directly from technical support questions from our customers. Each month, we will add new helpful tips about features or techniques in our software to help improve your modeling experience.

December 2016

To find out the number of variables in your model, from the model diagram, select the Model menu then Equation Viewer. At the bottom of the Equation Viewer there is a summary of the total number of variables and a breakdown of the total number of stocks, flows and converters.

On the interface, buttons can be assigned to more than one action. For instance, navigating to a page and restoring all devices can both be added. When you navigate to a page, all devices will be restored while navigating. To add multiple functions to a button, double click on the button to open the Properties Panel and select the green + under Actions List.

To edit a model already published online, open the model in Stella Architect or Stella Designer and make your edits. Once you have completed your edits and saved your model, Select File > Publish, this will take you your isee Exchange account (log in if you need to) then simply select Update Interface and all your edits will be added to your published model.

Clicking the Causes Uses button in the Equation Panel for a variable is an easy way to see both the variables that are included in the calculation of that variable and other variables that use it's value for their calculations.

The button is above the equation box for stocks, flows and converters and looks like a two sided arrow. Clicking on the arrow gives you two choices, Causes and Uses.


If you click on Causes for a flow, for example, the list of the other variables used to calculate (or cause) the flow value will show. If you click on Uses, a list of the other variables that use the flow to calculate their values appears.

November 2016

Stella Professional and Stella Architect use the file extension of .stmx. To convert older models that use the .stm or .itm format, open the models in STELLA or iThink 10.1 and save them. This will convert your model files to .stmx or .itmx. They will now open in Stella Professional 1.1 or Stella Architect 1.1.

*Please note, after a model is saved in Stella Professional 1.1 or later or Stella Architect 1.1 or later, it will no longer be compatible with STELLA /iThink 10.1 or below.

On Windows, press the Control key while dragging the variable onto the graph or table. On MacOS, press the command key while dragging the variable onto the graph or table. To drag more than one variable at a time, you can also multiselect variables and then use the same steps.

If more than one variable is selected, the panel's heading will be Multi-selection. The options available for editing are those that are common among the selected variables. For example, if you select a stock, flow, and converter, the multi-selection panel will allow you to edit the scale and range, as well as the formatting. You can also change the colors and fonts.

If you are a MacOS user and you don't see scrollbars in your model or in your model's tables, you can fix this in your MacOS System Preferences. Open General and find the option Show Scrollbars. By selecting Always, you will then see scrollbars in the software.

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