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Business Acumen Simulation

There are ten recurrent dilemmas in leading any business. Learn to manage them all in a risk-free environment with XSIM. XSIM is a Business Acumen Simulation that places the participant in the role of a key member of the executive leadership team of a highly successful global Real-Time Entertainment business – NetBox. In this simulation, participants encounter all ten business dilemmas while managing NetBox to keep up with the market.

The Challenge

The aim of this simulation is to achieve or exceed target goals over a full financial year split into four quarters. Each quarter your team must react to both external changes in your market and internal changes in your enterprise by making decisions on pricing, product mix, operations, organizational health, and special projects.

Dashboard to track progress
  • Simulation runs for one full fiscal year broken into four quarters. Track your results each week on a visual dashboard and review learning at the end of each round.
  • Indicators and charts show how well NetBox is fairing in the market and within the organization.
  • Charts show Profits & Loss, Profit Margins, Customer and Market Shares, and Price Premiums
Market Updates
  • Teams are given briefing and market material prior to starting and are provided with market updates through the simulation to help them understand the changing market and factor those changes into their decisions.
The XSIM dashboard
Skill sets developed:
  • Reading and reacting to market changes
  • Resolving dilemmas and making trade-offs
  • Managing organizational health
  • Using Leading and Lagging indicators
  • Managing unexpected challenges/opportunities
  • Understanding a Profit and Loss Account
  • Managing the Customer Value Chain
  • Maximizing contributions of the whole team

XSIM offers 100 pages of off-sim start-of-round updates and realistic briefing documents to help participants better understand the company NetBox. XSIM is lead by a facilitator and can be run over half a day or one full day if you choose to add additional theory and exercises. XSIM can also operate as a Crisis Management Simulation. The book A Systematic Guide to Business Acumen and Leadership Using Dilemmas may be included to support the underlying theory of the simulation. As with all the learning environments, XSIM has internet resiliency to avoid loss of simulation information during internet outages.

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