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Learning Environments: Design and Theory

Learning Environments: Design and Theory

Join Billy Schoenberg as he guides you, step by step, through some of the key components in the process of effective learning environment creation. This four week live webinar course explores the theories behind knowledge creation and the process of learning environment design. Through each 55 minute class, you will learn about the many different types of learning environments; the pros and cons of each, when and why to use different designs, as well as how to assess the knowledge gained by the learner.

Course Overview

Class 1: Common Interface Design Practices

This class will introduce you to common interface design paradigms and practices. You'll learn a clear and concise definition for a learning environment, and why we make them. From there we will review existing learning environments with an eye for good design practices. This class will end with a review of the standard learning environment development process.

Class 2: Learning About Learning, and Single Player Game Design

This class will introduce you to basic knowledge theory, and introduce you to a taxonomic system of classification for learning environments. You'll learn when and why you should use each different type of learning environment, and how your choice of learning environment type drives the kinds of knowledge created in your participants brains.

Class 3: Multiplayer Game Design

This class will build on your understanding of knowledge theory and expand it to multiplayer learning environments. We'll review the lingo, and discuss a classification system for multiplayer games. By the end of this class you'll be able to make decisions on how to structure and design your multiplayer learning environments to achieve the learning objectives you are most interested in.

Class 4: Introducing and Debriefing Simulations

This class will tie the bow on interface design and development. You'll learn how to introduce and slot interactive learning environments into existing curriculum, and how to debrief and make use of the knowledge learned. We'll also cover how to assess simulation performance, and techniques for measuring learning.

Billy Schoenberg

About the Instructor

Billy Schoenberg: Master’s degree in System Dynamics. Professional software engineer for past 10 years (entire career). While at Forio, project manager, product developer and consultant. Since joining isee systems in 2012 as a team lead, Billy has been a key team member leading the design, engineering, and delivery of the new user interfaces associated with Stella Professional (used by experts and students to construct system dynamics models), Stella Architect (used by non experts to construct interfaces for system dynamics models) and Stella Online/isee Exchange, the web based system for building and collaborating on the creation of models, CLDs, and the sharing of interfaces.

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