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$299 USD

Systems Thinking Concepts

Systems Thinking

Learn Systems Thinking from two of the world’s leading experts

isee systems has partnered with two renowned experts from Innovation Associates, Michael Goodman and David Peter Stroh, to bring you an unparalleled opportunity to learn the concepts and real world practice of Systems Thinking from the masters. In the first of two courses, Systems Thinking Concepts, you will learn how to use and apply the core tools and frameworks of systems thinking including the iceberg, causal loop diagrams, system archetypes, systems mapping, and mental models.

Additional materials are required: The book Systems Thinking for Social Change by David Peter Stroh and Michael Goodman’s online course Applying Systems Thinking and Common Archetypes. A special price of $99.00 vs. $199.00 is available to people who would like to subscribe to both the self-paced Applying Systems Thinking and Common Archetypes course and the Systems Thinking Concepts course.

Course Overview

  1. Overview and Systems Thinking for Change
    1. Course overview
    2. History of systems thinking
    3. Why good intentions are not enough
    4. Differences between conventional and systems thinking
    5. Why systems thinking catalyzes change
  2. Iceberg and Basic Systems Language
    1. Basic systems framework - the Iceberg
    2. Systems language: introduction to reinforcing and balancing loops, s's and o's, time delay
  3. Basic Archtypes
    1. Introduction to archetypes
    2. Archetype family tree
    3. Fixes that backfire
    4. Shifting the burden
  4. Basic Archetypes Continued
    1. Limits to success
    2. Success to the successful
    3. Accidental adveraries
  5. Additional Archetypes
    1. Remaining archetypes: Tragedy fo the Commons, drifting goals, competing goals, escalation, growth and underinvestment
    2. Introduction to stocks and flows (bathtubs)
  6. Mental Models
    1. Introduction to mental models
    2. How mental models fit into systems thinking
    3. Adding mental models to systems diagrams
Michael Goodman

About the Instructor

Michael Goodman is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and practitioner in the fields of systems thinking, organizational learning and change, and leadership. Michael has pioneered many innovations in the field of system thinking that have made it more accessible to business and organizational leaders. He has been a practitioner in this work for over 30 years.

David Peter Stroh

About the Instructor

David Peter Stroh was a founding partner of Innovation Associates, the pioneering consulting firm in the area of organizational learning, and has expertise in the areas of visionary planning, leadership development, systems thinking, organization design, and change management. Much of his work over the past 25 years has focused on using systems thinking to hone organizational assessments, develop business strategy, resolve deep-seated conflict, and facilitate sustainable change.

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