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General FAQs

What is Systems Thinking?

Systems Thinking is a disciplined way of understanding the dynamic relationships so that you can make better choices and avoid unintended consequences. Learn more Here.

What's the difference between Stella and iThink?

iThink is a rebranding of Stella Architect for those who are more familiar with the iThink brand. It is functionally identical to Stella Architect. Before the introduction of the iThink brand in 1990, this product was called STELLA for Business.

Can I open iThink models using Stella and vice versa?

Yes, whether you are using Stella or iThink, you can open both Stella models (.stmx files) and iThink models (.itmx files).

What is isee Player?

isee Player is a read-only version of the Stella Architect modeling software, designed to allow you to read and interact with models. Using isee Player, you have access to toolbars and menus, but have restricted edit capabilities.

How can I make my simulations run on the web?

Stella Designer allows you to build user interfaces for models and publish them to the web. This capability is also included in Stella Architect.

Can I customize the way my user interfaces look on the web?

Yes, by using the Stella Designer Developer Kit. Contact for more information.

How can I integrate my model with other applications?

If you want to link data to your model, you can set up dynamic data import/export links to Microsoft Excel.

If you want to integrate your model with other applications, you can use the command line interface.

What is a Module?

A Module is a container for lower-level model structure. It is designed to support a process of top-down model design and development. For more information and frequently asked questions about Modules, read our Blog Post.

What is Spatial Map?

Spatial Map is a stand-alone application that allows you to map array data in your model to color values or images so that you can view your data as three-dimensional, spatial information. In the spatial map, the x and y axes are defined by the bounds of the array and z is represented by a color or image. (Elevation and temperature are examples of z values.) To see an example, read our Blog Post.

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