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Publishing Options

Now that you’ve completed the interface to your model, you want to share it with other people. isee systems offers different options for publishing your model, either on our own servers on the isee Exchange ( or on your own servers (e.g., behind a firewall for additional security). Unless otherwise specified, published models run on the client computer in their browser.

Publishing on isee systems servers

Public access: By agreeing to the Creative Commons License, you can publish directly to the isee Exchange at no cost. When you publish, a directory listing is created and your published model will be included in the directory of models available at the isee Exchange. When you publish an interface the Creative Commons License only applies to the interface. The underlying model is not accessible to anyone from the isee Exchange. If you choose to upload your model, in addition to or instead of an interface, the license applies to the model you upload.

Restricted Access: For a monthly fee per model, interfaces can be published under any license you desire. You can choose exactly whom to give access to and only they will be able to see your content after logging in with their self-created password. We also provide the ability to collect simulation usage data including: simulation results, and page tracking metrics. Your model will not be listed in the public directory.

Branded Restricted Access: This has the features of Restricted Access and also allows you to provide us with a logo and link to brand the published interface to your own organization. If desired, a private URL using your domain can be created for the link to the model. A minimum subscription of 6 months is required.

Restricted Access with Engine: Some models, typically larger models, will perform better if they run on the server instead of in the client’s browser. The Engine option has the features of Restricted Access, but will run the model on our servers (using our STEAM Engine) rather than in the user's browser. Up to 50 users can access the interface simultaneously (more users can be added for an additional monthly charge). There is also a limit on server computation time that can be used per month; excess usage charges will be billed monthly.

Branded Restricted Access with Engine: This adds branding as described in Branded Restricted Access to Restricted Access with Engine. A minimum subscription of 6 months is required.

Note: Each restricted access model includes one user group on the isee Exchange that controls access to that model. More user groups are available for an additional monthly charge.

Publishing on your own server

In addition to us hosting your interfaces, you can also license part or all of the isee Exchange software to host interfaces yourself. These are server-side offerings that require some degree of expertise to set up and maintain. The isee Exchange software comes configured to run on 64-bit (x64) Debian Linux running Apache and PostgreSQL.

In House Sims: Licensed per model per month, this allows you to provide users access to simulations at the web location of your choice, internal- or external-facing. The published interfaces will run in the users’ browsers. This is the least complicated option in terms of setting up and configuring and is appropriate when you have only a small number of models you want to provide access to. The interfaces are branded as they are for Branded Restricted Access. You can configure who can access them through your own network configuration. A minimum subscription of 6 months is required.

Stella Server Unlimited: For an annual fee, an unlimited number of models can be published on your own server under one domain internally or externally facing. User access must be configured using your network infrastructure. Data collection is not included. Support is billed on a per incident basis.

Stella Server Enterprise: For an annual fee, the isee Exchange server configuration can be replicated on your own server with all features available (see options above under “Publishing on isee systems servers”) for use within your organization. The license includes both a public-facing site (internal to your network or on the web) that can publish unlimited models and an internal developer site not connected to the Internet. The public-facing site is limited to running on 10 cores (more cores can be added for an additional cost) and the developer site is limited to 2 cores. Support is billed on a per incident basis.

Non-Internet Options

For those times when you want to share a model on a desktop or mobile platform without relying on the Internet, isee systems offers Stella App. For a fixed price per model, isee systems will bundle your model into an app for the platform of your choice (Windows, Macintosh, iOS, or Android). This service includes up to four official updates to your model per year.

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