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Publishing Options

Now that you’ve completed your model’s interface, you want to share it with other people. isee systems offers different options for publishing your model with its interface, each described further in subsections below:

Note that you can also share your model or CLD alone using either the isee Player or the isee Exchange.

Publish on isee systems’ servers

We offer both free and paid options on the isee Exchange. By agreeing to either the Published Interface License (interfaces) or the Creative Commons License (models and CLDs), you can publish to the isee Exchange at no cost. In this case, your published interface or model will be included in the directory of interfaces and models available at the isee Exchange. When you publish an interface, the Published Interface License only applies to the interface. The underlying model is not accessible to anyone from the isee Exchange. If you choose to upload your model, in addition to or instead of an interface, the Creative Commons License applies to the model you upload.

Except for multiplayer games, the free option runs all models within the local client’s browser, so it is very scalable. Multiplayer games run on our server so are size limited* and cannot support as many simultaneous instances.

Paid versions are described in detail here.

Publishing on your own server

For a fee, you can license the isee Exchange software to host interfaces yourself. Our server-side offerings require some degree of expertise to set up and maintain. The isee Exchange software comes configured to run on 64-bit (x64) Debian Linux running Apache and PostgreSQL.

Stella Server Unlimited: For an annual fee, an unlimited number of models can be published on your own server under one domain that is either internal- or external-facing. Support is billed on a per incident basis.

Publish to Desktop or Mobile

isee systems offers two ways to share your model interfaces on the desktop or on mobile devices:

  • Create Your Own App
  • Distribute the isee Runtime (desktop only)

Create Your Own App: Using the Stella Designer API, you can bundle your Stella interface into an App or build your own mobile-friendly custom interface. Note this requires software-development skills. Please contact us for more information.

Distribute the isee Runtime: The isee Runtime provides a cost-effective way to distribute multiple models to desktop users. Starting at $299 per user, with generous volume discounts, the isee Runtime includes maintenance updates for one year, ensuring the users of your models stay current. After the first year, maintenance is renewable annually.

* (number of variables) x (number of DTs) < 20,000

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