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Stella® Designer

Effortless dynamic Systems Thinking presentations

Create compelling interactive simulations with existing models

Stella Designer allows you to build user interfaces on top of your models using a presentation style interface. These interfaces can be published to the web, to the desktop, or to mobile devices.
Stella Professional
Why Stella Designer
Why Stella Designer
Why Stella Designer

The Highlights of

Stella Designer


With Stella Designer, you can build rich flight simulators and learning environments on top of Stella models that clearly explain concepts using a combination of storytelling and interactive hands-on learning.


Running simulations with different parameter values and under different scenarios improves understanding of both the system and its policy implications. Does this policy solve the problem or make it worse? Quickly find out with Stella Live™’s instant updating.


Easily disseminate your flight simulators to the web, as a Macintosh or Windows application, or as an iOS or Android app.* Sharing your insights was never easier!

*Stella Designer comes out of the box with only in-browser web deployment. Options to publish to a web service, to the desktop, or to mobile applications are available at extra cost.

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Key Features

Presentation Slides

Quickly develop rich presentations for learning and exploring


Quickly create interactive presentations with common elements across pages


Clearly communicate the underlying principles of your system

Stella Live

Dynamically explore policy implications with instant updating


Performance is unchanged whether there are 10 or 100 simultaneous users


Easily integrate your presentation into any web page


Optionally add your own components and themes

Simple Deployment

Three-click deployment to the web






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