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Stella® Architect

Premium modeling and interactive simulations

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Multiple paradigms

Integrate System Dynamics, Discrete Events, and some Agent-based modeling in the same model

Loops That Matter™

Immediately visualize how variables affect each other during a simulation and identify important feedback loops


Create a running model in minutes with premade model structures


Clearly communicate the underlying principles of your system

Stella Live

Dynamically explore policy implications with instant updating

Causal Lens

Quickly trace the causes of a variable’s behavior

Vensim® Translator

Open your Vensim models in Stella and improve them using Stella's advanced tools

Identify Errors

Quickly find errors in equations and units

Cycle Time

Precisely compute time of processes and activities

Data Manager

Quickly compare data across several runs, archive and recall settings and results


Discover key leverage points and find optimal conditions


Many mathematical, statistical and logical operations

Non-Linear Analytics

An increasing proportion of strategic Value Management assignments that I take on do not lend themselves to traditional analytical methods, notably linear spreadsheet models. That’s where Stella becomes an essential tool and isee systems a valued partner who provide an extraordinary level of support, just when I need it.

Roger Davies, Managing Director, Impact Dynamics

Understanding Complexity

Cellular respiration is very complicated, very dynamic and there are lots of interactions. We use the Stella model to answer the question ‘How do you get energy from a glucose molecule to make adenosine triphosphate, ATP?’ The model makes it easier for students to see how the process works over time.

Jon Darkow, Science Teacher, Seneca East High School

Strategic Prediction

As both a practitioner of strategic systems planning, and an educator, I have been a frequent and enthusiastic user and supporter of Stella system dynamics software. It is intuitive, user-friendly, robust, and, most of all, a wonderful tool to expose decision makers to the non-linearities and potential behavioral outcomes of complex systems.

Capt. Wayne Porter, US Navy (ret)

Experiment Safely

After ten years of modeling with System Dynamics, last year I switched to Stella Pro as my primary modeling application because of its user interface, presentation-ready graphics, and its increased graphics storage capability. These capabilities are useful model delayed differential equations in economics. They were also useful while doing research... on modeling with soft variables.

Pascal Gambardella, PhD., President, Neuro-Semantic Institute

Presentation Ready

I built a model to analyse how the increasing spread of rooftop solar in the US will affect regulated electric utilities, and the potential for what has become known as the ‘utilities death spiral’. I chose to use Stella to build this model because it was the best software for presenting models in a user-friendly way.

Conor Meehan, Loops Consulting

Complex Dynamics

The stock and flow map enables a rich and effective dialogue about complex dynamics that can't happen any other way. The simulation model has actually taught practitioners a whole new way of thinking about hemoglobin and EPO. Stella and Systems Thinking may well be the tools we need to bring about fundamental improvements in healthcare delivery systems that we must achieve.

Jim Rogers, Managing Director, Advance Management Group

Interactive Results

Agriculture is based on soils, plants, animals, and climate and you can’t control many variables across those elements. Using Systems investigate and understand agricultural related problems, like range management and forage supply and demand, is very appealing.

Ben Turner, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M

Unintended Consequences

Stella gives you...the power to model complex interdependent systems. Moving fuels, rail cars, trucks and barges; the impact of variability, uncertainty and stock-outs are easily addressed. Very expensive errors have been made by managers because they lack the understanding of the interdependencies between components of complex operational or supply systems. The intuitive choice is sometimes the worst choice.

Dr. David B. Hoffman, Professor of Business and Consultant, University of Alaska

Intuitive Interface

There are a lot of marine science models built with complex programming languages like Fortran that run on expensive, high performance computers. I wanted to create an adaptable model that would reduce complexity. Stella models can do much of what programmed models do and...students and local decision-makers can explore their own systems.

Dr. Mark J. Brush, Associate Professor, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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Feature Overview

Designing Interfaces

Creating Engaging Content

Multiplayer Simulations

Deploying Simulations

Getting Started


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Dynamic Solutions with Stella Architect

We bring Systems Thinking to the world with our innovative solutions and services. isee systems’ Dynamic Modeling software is a powerful tool that allows the user to create system diagrams that can be simulated over time. By creating these diagrams, you are better able to understand the behavior of that system and identify areas for improvement.
Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Managing a supply chain can prove difficult and costly in the face of shortages in raw materials or outsourced components, delivery delays, and varying demand. Even in the most diligently managed chains, supply can deviate widely from demand, resulting in increased costs and lost opportunities. Building a supply chain model allows you to discover and mitigate the most likely bottlenecks and the weakest links in the chain. From production and inventory management to logistics, Stella Architect can help your supply chain run smoother.

Strategic Business Development

Strategic Business Development

Turning strategic objectives into winning operational objectives is a difficult challenge faced by many businesses. Often the actions you expect to deliver the desired performance fall short or create negative consequences you did not anticipate. By creating coherent simulation models, you can quickily investigate different scenarios and see the ramifications of your management decisions for staff, capital, customers, and the competition.

Public Policy

Public Policy

Government departments and agencies continually address issues that arise in a multitude of areas, including health care delivery, public policies, defense strategies, urban planning, natural resource management, and energy consumption. These issues often expand beyond the boundaries of a single department and require collaboration between several different departments and agencies on both federal and local levels. Stella offers the ability to create holistic system diagrams that can be simulated over time. This systemic view allows you to examine the system and its behaviors to determine where changes are beneficial and avoid decisions that cause a negative impact. With Stella, you can easily create shared insight and communicate ideas that enables interdepartmental teams to understand all the variables that affect the system. Enhanced understanding helps ensure that decisions are fully implemented.



Stella is used to help teach topics such as math, biology, anatomy, economics, ecology, climate change, and chemistry. It teaches students to think systemically, to gain a more profound understanding, and to make better decisions. With Stella, students can map and simulate systems. Working collaboratively or independently on projects, hands-on exploration and learning is made possible with risk-free experiments through the use of knobs, switches, sliders, buttons, and other input devices to change variables and run scenarios. Results can be viewed instantly in tables and graphs.



Stella is used for research both in natural and social sciences. Domains that can be studied are as diverse as microbiology, hydrology, pharmacokinetics, health care, energy supply, housing markets, violent conflict, and social networks. Current challenges in these fields demand sophisticated analyses of cause and effect relationships. Increased complexity and the fast pace of change in today’s research problems makes static observations at only one point in time an inadequate level of analysis. Stella enables researchers to conduct integrated and interdisciplinary assessments of changes over time in a multitude of causal relationships. Hidden interactions in complex systems can be revealed and research designs can be refined accordingly. Stella helps to present your research to audiences both within and beyond the academic sector by supporting clear visual communication of results. With a graphical interface, scientific insights can be structured in an engaging way to the public as well as to sponsors and partners in business, not-for profit and government. System structure can be presented in small steps to the audience so that they can follow the line of complex arguments.



With the transition to renewables under way, it is more important than ever to assess the impacts of wind power or distributed resident-owned solar power on electricity generation capacity. The transition to electric cars also has a strong impact on the demand curve. Combined with distributed solar energy, the demand during the day drops significantly while that at night increases. Stella allows you to explore different scenarios and policy options to weather this fast-changing landscape.



As the cost of health continues to increase, there is greater demand to decrease the cost through either better efficiency by providers or health care policies that target the improvement of the population’s overall health. Stella comfortably models both the detailed patient flow models needed to increase efficiency and the broader population-based policy models. It has also been successfully used to model mechanisms within the body to promote better health or understand the effects of different medication regimes.



Above and below ground interactions between plants, trees, soils, water, and light are complex systems. Being influenced by multiple variables evolving over time makes them hard to study. Modeling these systems is vitally important to the economic and social welfare of farmers. Stella models provide the most holistic view of these systems, allowing researchers to fully understand interactions between multiple components and test a wide variety of agricultural improvement strategies without the time and expense of real-time experiments.



Factories require the continual movement of materials from supplier through machines to create processed goods and then to the customer. Whether managing the supply chain, managing inventory, exploring different logistics choices, or improving the production processes themselves, Stella allows building models that dynamically test different scenarios and the impacts of fault situations so the factory runs as smoothly as possible.



In wildlife conservation, energy conservation, and water conservation, Stella is up to the task of modeling the complex set of interactions of the system. Stella readily models the social, political, economic, physical, and environmental aspects of your particular system, enabling the exploration of different policy levers across these multiple facets. Models have successfully explored impacts of changing predators in an ecosystem, reducing pollution to avoid eutrophication, reducing energy usage in homes as well as reducing dependence on fossil fuels, fishing on salmon spawning, and changing water allocations to municipalities from important fresh water sources.

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